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Staleks PODODISC EXPERT Kit (20 mm)

Regular price $24.76

This item includes:

  • PODODISC Expert Base (M): X1
  • Refill Pads Grit 80: X50
  • Refill Pads Grit 100: X50
  • Refill Pads Grit 180: X50
  • Refill Pads Grit 240: X50

Key Features:

PODODISC Expert Base (M):

  • suitable for sterilization in autoclave or hot-air sterilizer
  • suitable for disinfection with dedicated products
  • allows to increase the speed of the pedicure procedure
  • provides better treatment of the sole skin
  • high-quality stainless steel.

Refill Pads:

  • size M (20mm diameter)
  • high quality abrasive elements
  • reliable adhesion to base
  • no swelling due to contact with water
  • mineral abrasive material silicon carbide.